Difference between Enquiry and Inquiry?


The difference between enquiry and inquiry is in their meanings. Enquiry means to ask a question while inquiry is a formal investigation. A difference also lies in the source of the prefixes en and in. En comes from French and in from Latin.
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The Difference between Enquiry and Inquiry is that the word inquiry is normally used in relation to a formal inquest like an investigation. Enquiry on the other hand is normally used to denote an act of asking a question.
Enquiry means asking a question, and inquiry is a formal investigation. The prefix ?en? comes from French, and ?in? from Latin. Enquiry is a request for truth, knowledge or information, whereas an inquiry is an investigation into something. Enquiry is preferred in British English, whereas the Americans are more comfortable with inquiry. In spite of their being a clear distinction in the meanings of the two terms, people often use them interchangeably.
The difference between inquiry and enquiry is that inquiry is a formal investigation and enquiry means to ask a question. Another difference lies in the etymological source of the prefixes 'in' and 'en'. 'In' comes from Latin and 'En' comes from French. Inquiry has an official and formal ring to it while enquiry is informal in its connotation.
The difference between inquiry and enquiry is in the phonetic difference, meaning they differ from American and British English. Enquiry is mostly used in British English whereas inquiry is favoured by the Americans. Both slightly differ in meanings, for example, to enquire is to request information but inquire is mostly used when talking about investigations.
The words enquiry and inquiry derive from the verbs 'to enquire' and 'to inquire'. In the UK, it is becoming preferable to use inquiry to denote 'an investigation' and enquiry to denote 'a question'.
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The traditional distinction between enquire and inquire is that enquire is to be used for general senses of 'ask' while inquire is reserved for uses meaning 'make a formal investigation
oh goodness. i don't know. I looked it up on wikipedia but but a search on Enquiry automatically redirected me to "Inquiry". A total guess would be to blame it on the American
For the most part, they are spelling variants between American and British English. In common word practice, inquiry usually refers to a formal procedure such as a police inquiry.
In general parlance, it is understood that enquire is to be used for ‘asking’, while inquire is what constitutes ‘making a formal investigation’. In reality
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