Difference between Oblong and Rectangle?


The difference between an oblong and a rectangle is that an oblong is a rectangle whose sides are of different lengths. A rectangle on the other hand is a four sided polygon that has four right angle corners.
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A rectangle has 4 corners which have 90 degree angles so all sides are straight. 'Oblong' is an old name for a rectangle sometimes used in plurals.
The difference btwwen a square and a rectangle is that a rectangle has two congruent lines.
Oblong indicates that it is longer than an oval. It is more
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A rectangle is a quadrilateral (four-sided plane figure) with opposite sides equal and parallel and with each interior angle 90° (a right angle), while an oblong refers to a shape resembling a rectangle or ellipse (oval shaped), but the shape deviates from the circular shape by being elongated in one direction.
An oblong is a rectangle whose sides are different lengths while a rectangle is a four sided polygon with four right angle corners.
A rectangle is a four sided quadrilateral that has its two of its sides longer than the other two, whereas an oblong is an irregularly shaped object. Other geometrical figures may also include the square, rhombus, trapezium and parallelogram.
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