What Is the Difference between BA and BSC Degree?


The difference between a BA Bachelor of Arts and a BS Bachelor of Science degree is that BA indicates a humanities curriculum with subjects such as history, literature philosophy and film among others. BS indicates science based technical studies such as physics, statistics mathematics and economics among others.
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The AA degree is a two-year program that is most likely based in a community or junior college. A BA degree, on the other hand, is an undergraduate level four-year program offered
It really depends on the school that is offering the degree. But in general I would say that a BS would require more classes focused on math or science while a BA would require something
BA means Bachelor of Arts, BSC means Bachelor of Science. John
A BA is a Bachelor of Arts, while a BS is a Bachelor of
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A Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree focuses on more liberal arts general education courses while a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree will generally focus on more science and mathematics courses.
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