What is the difference between propane and butane gas?


The main difference between propane and butane is that propane is a three carbon alkane, consisting of three carbon atoms and eight hydrogen atoms, while butane is a four carbon alkane, with four carbon atoms and ten hydrogen atoms. Therefore, butane is slightly more flammable and potent compared to propane. Their similarities do outweigh their differences, hence their regular use interchangeably.
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The difference between propane and butane gas is butane is very poisonous unlike propane which is not as toxic. Butane also costs less than propane. Based on their composition, butane gas has four carbon atoms while propane has three carbon atoms. Propane also boils at a lower temperature compared to butane.
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LP gas is made of a liquified mixture of propane gas and butane while propane is a pure form of a 3-carbon alkane. LP gas is used as fuel for automotive engines. ...
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