What Is the Difference between Capital and Revenue Expenditure?


Capital expenditure refers to an expense resulting in acquisition of an asset or increase in the earning capacity of a business. Revenue expenditure is defined as an expense that is essential for the maintenance of earning capacity of a business.
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Revenue expense are costs in the for day to day running of the business for example servicing a machine, spare parts etc. Revenue expenditure is normally charged against profit in
Capital expenditure end up in the balance sheet. They are funds used by a company to acquire or upgrade physical assets such as property, industrial buildings or equipment. This type
Jason, Thanks for your question. A capital expenditure is a cost of acquiring a fixed asset or the like and is recorded as an asset. A revenue expenditure is one that benefits only
Capital. is an extension of the Latin word for head, caput. In its adjective form, it means something like. of the head. in the literal sense. The best example for this is. capital.
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Capital expenditures are funds used to acquire or upgrade fixed assets that will benefit the business in the future. Revenue expenditures are expenses incurred for daily operation but have a shorter term benefit.
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Revenue is defined as spending on day-to-day items to run services while capital is spending on significant assets that will have a life of many years, such as ...
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