What Is the Difference between Cement and Mortar?


Cement is a substance that makes different components mix well especially in concrete construction method. Mortar is a building material got when you mix cement, lime and sand. Therefore cement is a component of mortar.
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Cement has many types, such as Portland, masonry cement while mortar has many types and colours, such as terracotta or white also cement is a binding agent to form mortar, concrete and grout and mortar is made by adding water, sand and lime to cement.
The difference between cement and mortar can be illustrated by their usage. Cement is one of the ingredients in mortar used bonding agent that, when mixed with water, hardens through a chemical reaction called hydration. On the other hand, Mortar is a cement/sand/water mixture designed for laying up masonry units like cement block, stone or brick. Mortar is adhesive so it adheres to the block, stone or brick.
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