What Is the Difference between Coal and Charcoal?


The difference between coal and charcoal is the fact that coal is a fossil fuel that is created due to the pressurizing of organic material over millions of years, while charcoal is made by the partial burning of wood. Coal is mined from the ground like other minerals, while charcoal is made in a kiln with limited oxygen supply. Both are non-renewable fuels and cause environmental pollution and degradation.
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Wood is chopped down and cooked slowly in kilns to make charcoal. The kilns limit the amount of oxygen which stops the wood from actually burning and leaves a solid fuel. Coal is
Coal. is the mineral anthracite, a fossil fuel composed of carbon and created over millions of years by the pressurizing and long term breakdown of of organic materials like plant
Coal is a rock or mineral. Charcoal is partially carbonized wood. T...
Charcoal is made from burning wood in a controlled low-oxygen environment, while coal is a mineral found in the ground. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at
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What Is the Difference Between Coal & Charcoal?
Coal and charcoal may sound like similar fuel types, but they are, in fact, are different, made in separate ways and used in alternative applications. The United States is one of the largest producers of coal, but charcoal is produced in wooded areas... More »
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