What Is the Difference between Concave and Convex?


The difference between convex and concave is that convex refers to a curvature that extends outwards while concave refers to a curvature that extends inwards. Both concave and convex are terms that are used to describe mirrors, eye contact lenses and polygons that are used to give different visual impacts. They are commonly used to create appealing visual impacts used in amusement parks and recreation centres.
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They have different curvatures, one curves in and the other curves out.
Both convex and concave mirrors are essentially bent mirrors similar to the curve of a ball. Concave mirrors are bent inward as if you are looking at the inside of a ball. Convex
Convex is defined as curving or bulging outward while Concave curves inward.
Concave is inward curving, like the hollow in a cave. Embed Quote
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What Is the Difference Between Concave & Convex Mirrors?
Both concave and convex mirrors reflect light. However, one curves inward while the other curves outward. These mirrors also reflect images and light differently because of the placement of their focal points.... More »
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The major difference between concave and convex lenses lies in the fact that concave lenses are thicker at the edges and convex lenses are thicker in the middle. ...
The polygonal difference is that Convex is round like the exterior of a sphere while concave is rounded inwards like inner part of a bowl. ...
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