What Is the Difference between Exons and Introns?


One difference between exons and introns is that exons are a nucleic acid sequence and introns are a nucleotide sequence. Both relate to genes. introns can be found in-between exons.
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In genes, the exons contain the code for part of a complete protein. Introns are located between exons, and are regions of a gene that are not translated into protein.
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The exon - the 'coding' DNA sequence - is 'determined' by the Dna that is Expressed. The introns - noncoding DNA sequences - are returned for recycling.
Exons are transcribed into mRNA & code for amino acids in the
Exons and Introns are part of the pre-messenger RNA after transcription. When the pre mRNA is processed to be sent to the ribosomes to create proteins the Exons are removed by slicesomes
Introns are non-coding sequences of DNA (meaning it does not get transcripted and translated to make a protein), exons are the coding sequences, so they make a protein, and a codon
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Exons are involved with the coding for proteins. Introns are also involved with proteins yet do not hold the genetic information that an exon may hold. Exons are ...
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