What Is the Difference between Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect?


The difference between greenhouse effect and global warming is that greenhouse effect is the cause and global warming is the consequences.
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What is the Difference Between Global Warming & the Greenhouse Effect?
The difference between the greenhouse effect and global climate change, sometimes called global warming, is the same as the difference between the heating element in your oven and burned food. The heating element causes the oven to warm up, while burned... More »
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The difference between global warming and green house effect is that green house effect is the process where thermal radiations are trapped in the atmosphere of the earth due to the presence of green house gases. On the other hand, global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the surface air of the earth over time due to green house effect.
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The. greenhouse effect. is the way the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hold in the sun's heat and keep the earth warm. The earth's carbon cycle has been keeping this balanced for
The greenhouse effect is a natural process that keeps the planet's climate warm enough to support life. It is named for the effect that keeps greenhouses warm enough to support plants
Greenhouse Effect: Since the very first days
A greenhouse is a glass structure built for plants. The glass walls and ceiling allow the light from the Sun to enter but prevent the Sun's heat from leaving, providing the kind of
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Global warming effect from greenhouse is the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, as result of human activities, which include burning of fossils ...
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