What Is the Difference between Gravity Feed and Siphon Feed?


A gravity feed is using gravity to move objects from one point to another while the siphon feed involves the transfer of liquid from a higher ground to a lower with the use of tubes. In the gravity feed any matter can be moved while in the siphon feed the only thing that can be moved should be in liquid form.
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1. Attach the hose from the air compressor to the fitting on the paint gun. Press the end of the hose on the fitting. You will hear a popping sound when the connection is made. 2.
gravity feed lubrication is when the lubricant is pumped to the top of the object needing lubrication, and falls on top of the object, covering it and lubricating it. An example would
( ′grav·əd·ē ′fēd ) (engineering) Movement of materials from one location to another using the force of gravity.
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