What Is the Difference between Growth and Development?


Growth is a physical process of becoming larger or longer whereas development is a process, either physical or chemical, in which something transforms (mostly positive) in to a different stage; from a simple inadequate stage to a complex state.
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in growth the organism gets larger, in development the organism gets more complex
Personal growth and development are relevant to the workplace. Employers want employees who are learning and growing. People who are becoming more knowledgeable and adept at their
role of any startup or any company for that matter is to grow users and have them happy and to do this you have to have feedback at every stage right from the time you make a pitch
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It is understandably easy to mix up the concepts of growth and development. Growth is defined as increase in size, mass or numbers, while development can be defined as improvement and acquisition of skills, and increase in levels of quality and innovation. Growth can be limited by an absence of resources, but development can still take place with the resources one possesses.
Growth is quantitative measurement whereas development is both quantitative and qualitative. Development compares the physical changes and the cognitive social and emotional change whereas growth only compares the physical changes.
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