What Is the Difference between Half Board and Full Board?


Half board usually means bed, breakfast and probably another meal like lunch or dinner, but full board basically means that bed and all the other meals are inclusive; breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is important to check with your particular hotel though, since many places provide breakfast only for a half board.
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- Half board: 2 meals (mainly breakfast and either one lunch or one dinner) Full board: 3 meals. Top.
A rate that is full-board is accommodation that includes room and three meals per meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) Alternatives to full-board include half-board, where a rate includes
One meal. This has surely got to be the best answer. Why are people still posting answers that simply repeat what has already been said?
Full board means: breakfast, lunch and dinner provided in the cost of the room. Half board means breakfast and dinner only. Many places provide breakfast only and will advertise:
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Half Board' means two meals including like just bed and breakfast and lunch or dinner, whereas 'Full Board is all meals included with bed and breakfast, lunch and dinner. 'All inclusive' means there is no further charge for snacks, drinks or the use of facilities.
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The difference between full board and all inclusive is on the accommodation and meals per person. Full board accommodation in hotel bookings has Breakfast, lunch ...
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