What Is the Difference between Hosted Service and Managed Service?

And which would be the best choice among three options?

1. Hosted Service

2. Managed Service



Garett Chipman (CEO, TVG Consulting)
Hey Changhee:

Good question and can get confusing when the 2 words come up in disucssion.

A Hosted Service is anything that is not on premise at your location.

For example, Google Gmail, Docs, Apps are all Hosted solutions.
Hosted Exchange, Remote Backup like home solutions(mozy.com. Carbonite.com) to industrial backup solutions that we provide for our clients that need a fail proof DR solution.

With the current technology, you can have your whole OFFICE hosted, from the Server data(word, excel, quickbooks,...) to the desktop hosted in the cloud.

Why would someone want to do that?
Well, there are many different trains of thought, but some companies want no critical data on-site, some want want it because they don't trust hosted solutions.

But by having some of your core hosted solutions in the 'cloud' you don't have a single point of failure.

For simple example: When email is critical and need to have it up all the time, and never want power issues or downned T1's at the office location to affect them, we reccomend a Hosted Email solution+Hosted Blackberry soltion(dedicated server) so this way if something happens at the client site, we have email still flowing, client can go off -site and still work with getting their email.

What is Managed Servies?
To us MS is the ability to provide a cost effecitve turn key solution for any CFO/CEO/Business owner who has to have critical IT operations up and running, show them actual savings in wastefull IT spending that they can recoup, improve employee productivity - all on a budget that is 1/3-1/4th the cost of a full time employee.

If you want more info, let me know, but I hope this sheds some light for you.

CEO | TVG Consulting.
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Ben Stiegler (CEO, SynerTel)
Excellent question, and like the word 'Dessert', people might mean different things by the same term!

To us, who provide Cloud, Managed Cloud, and Managed services:

- Managed IT Services implies a proactive approach to supporting, monitoring, and remediating technology for a client firm that doesn't want to be in 'try to fix it ourselves' mode. Many managed services agreements represent a transfer of risk from the client to the mgd services provider.

As a managed services provider, we are gambling that for a predictable fixed price (per user, etc.) monthly, we can run your IT and technology infrastructure clean and stable, maintain uptime, & eliminate problems for a cost less than you can do so yourself. How is this possible? Leveraging our investments in sophisticated management and monitoring tools and the expertise and dedication of our highly experienced team - its what we do day in and day out. Our people are certified, continuously update-trained, and keep their chops sharp by touching both the user and the hidden underbelly of IT, video, and telecom technology every day.

Cloud Services as Garrett mentioned, just means 'the smarts and the data storage are somewhere outside your 4 walls'. Cloud services can be for VOIP, data backup, email, hosted applications like Quickbooks or SalesForce.com, etc. Often the response time of a hosted application is notably longer than an app running locally on your server. Thus - Cloud Backup = great idea, while hosted email or CRM might feel a tad slower than you are used to clicking and typing.

SynerTel offers a wide variety of managed, hosted-cloud based, and managed-hosted services and solutions and we're always glad to have a no-charge, no-obligation chat with anyone who wants to learn more.

Ben Stiegler
Managed IT and Converged Communications Solutions
415 746-1811
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