Difference between Innovation and Creativity?


Creativity refers to the ability to come up with new ideas, the ability to think widely, to have a free and open mind and to approach matters in a new way. Whereas innovation is the ability to confine the creative ideas and make them turn into reality so as to achieve successful performance.
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Creativity: The process of generating ideas - divergent thinking. Innovation: The sifting, refining and implementation of ideas - convergent thinking - putting ideas into action.
I'm no economist, but this article summarizes that the difference is that "Disruptive Innovation" is the causal mechanism behind the “Creative Destruction” outcome
1. Promote regular team brainstorming sessions, which allow employees a chance to produce a high quantity of ideas. Once you have a large amount of ideas, analyze and choose those
Innovative. Adj. 1. innovative - ahead of the times; "the advanced teaching methods" "had advanced views on the subject" "a forward-looking corporation"
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Creativity is far much different from innovation where creativity is the capability or act of conceiving something original while innovation is the implementation of something new. When people come up with new ideas, this display of creativity but there is no innovation until you take the risk of implementing it. Many organizations depend on the combination of these two elements in establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage.
Creativity can be described as one's ability to come up with a clever/practical way of solving a problem, or of doing something, by thinking outside the box. Innovation is the implementation of a creative idea, the action of solving a problem or creating something in a way no one has thought of before. Innovation usually stems from creativity.
The difference between creativity and innovation is simply that creativity refers to the ability to generate new ideas while innovation is the ability to turn new ideas into reality. More often than not these attributes occur together as creative people are also very likely to be innovative. Creativity without innovation may never have any impact because only the latter ensures that new ideas are implemented.
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