What Is the Difference between Jazz and the Blues?


The difference between Jazz Music and Blues music is in the instrumentation. Blues music originated from African Americans and is both vocal and instrumental and bases on blue notes for the repetitive pattern which follows a twelve-bar structure. Jazz originated from America and combines African-American music with European music. Jazz music is a continuation of blues music with a marching band. The type of instruments used in Jazz are: saxophone, trumpet, piano, double bass and drums.
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The difference between jazz and blues is that jazz was always primarily an instrumental style, while blues was first and foremost vocal. The main musical difference between jazz and blues is that jazz contains heavy syncopation, which was derived from ragtime music while blues music is technically defined by a I-IV-V chord sequence with a 12-bar motif.
Jazz music differs from blues as the former is primarily instrumental and contains heavy syncopation derived from ragtime music. On the other hand, blues is vocal and is characterized by three-line rhymed stanzas with repeating verses.
The difference between jazz and blues is that primarily, blues was vocal whereas jazz was an instrumental style. Blues usually follows the 12 bar form unlike jazz which will only follow form if that's the way it was written. In addition, jazz allows for free improvisation whereas any improvisation in blues still follows the basic musical form.
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