What Is the Difference between JPEG and GIF?


The difference between JPEG and GIF formats is that they do not support similar bit-levels. JPEG supports a 24-bit level while GIF performs at the 8-biit level.
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JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group; GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. Both file image formats are useful for reducing the size of images that will be published
In brief : jpeg is usually lossy & GIF only allows 256 colors. see longer description below.
Slinky, They use different methods of storing the picture data. For graphics work on the web, generally GIF's are smaller and therefore load faster. JPEG's on the other hand can
1. Open the JPEG file using the image-editing software you normally use. 2. Adjust the size or perform any other editing functions that you desire before you convert the format. 3
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The main difference between GIF and JPEG is that GIF is a Graphics Interchange Format while JPEG is a lossy file format used for distribution via the email or ...
Image files can be saved in either the raster or the vector file formats. Raster pictures use rows of very small dots placed next to each other like cells in a ...
A raster image is made of up pixels, each a different colour, arranged to display an image. Examples are gif or jpeg file. A vector image is made up of paths; ...
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