Difference between Left and Right Wings?


The right wing tends to be associated more with ‘conservative’ values, the status quo and tradition and tend to be tougher on law and order than the left. On the other hand, the left wing is associated much more with ‘liberal’ values, the role of society, the community as a whole and law and order policies tend to be more relaxed.
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This visualization explains the basics well, there is also an American version with reference to the American political parties. Not my work, but a great. website. http://www.informationisb
They are such generic terms they mean very little. Like a line drawn in the sand and anyone on one side is called Right and the other Left. If I believe that the government should
The for wing protects the hindwing. The fore wing is harder than the hind wing, and is black. The hindwing is red and is very soft
As far as i am aware being right winged means that you believe in democracy as opposed to left wing which tends to lean towards communism, i might be wrong but that's what I'm led
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The terms are used in politics where the right wing describes support for preserving traditional social orders and hierarchies and the left wing describes support for social change to create a more egalitarian society. The terms were coined during the French Revolution which referred to the seating arrangement in parliament. Those who sat on the right supported preserving the institutions of the ancient regime and those on the left the radical changes of the revolution.
Left wing and right wing are terms normally used in UK politics, the difference is that right wingers believe in formal equality while left wingers believe in substantial equality. Left wingers have been rooting for a big government ever since while right wingers supported a smaller government.
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