What Is the Difference between Magnification and Resolution?


The difference between magnification and resolution is that magnification is the act of making smaller objects to look bigger while resolution is the minimum distance which two points are separated and still be seen as distinct points. In microscopy quality, resolution is of more importance than magnification.
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Magnification is achieved by bending light in order to change the size of an object's image. Telescopes, magnifying glasses and microscopes are instruments that magnify images. These
Magnification makes objects look bigger but, resolution makes certain parts look clearer.
Magnification-making smaller objects seem larger-is the measure of how much an object is enlarged. Resolution is the minimum distance that two points can be separated and still be
Magnification is how large you can make the object;
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What Is the Difference Between Resolution & Magnification?
Resolution and magnification are two concepts in the field of optics. Magnification is the enlargement of an image, while resolution is the ability of an optical device to provide detail of an image.... More »
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