What Is the Difference between ML and CC?


There is generally no difference between ML (millilitre) and CC (cubic centimetre) are unit measurements of volume. Therefore the amount of volume equivalent to 1ml is the same as 1cc.
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The two are the same measure. A milliliter is 1/1000 of a liter, and a liter is the same as a cubic decimeter. cc is short for cubic centimeter.
A milliliter, or ml, is the same as a cc. So, there is one cc in a ml. There are also 1,000 cc's in a liter, 1,000,000 cc's in a kiloliter and ten cc's in a centiliter.
These measures are equal. 1 cc = 1 ml.
One cc of water is also one ml of water. Both are measures of volume. A cubic centimetre is a millilitre. You do not need to convert them, they are different ways of naming the same
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There is no difference between cc and ml; they are both measurements of volume. The metric system has been done in such a way that length measurements can easily ...
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