What Is the Difference between Myspace and Facebook?


The main difference between Myspace and Facebook is that they target different users. The Facebook page generally is clean and clear with the emphasis being on information but not too much of it as privacy is important whereas Myspace prompts the user to include as much information as possible. Myspace also focuses on entertainment and media whereas the Facebook interface is based around information.
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Well...... Myspace is for predetors to try to find u. and Facebook is a place for more talking and connecting with friends and Myspace is not like facebook because facebook is where
1. Log in to your Myspace account. Click "My Stuff" from the top menu, and select "Account Settings" from the right side of the drop-down menu. 2. Click "
Myspace, Facebook, Twitter are all social networking sites,
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MySpace and Facebook are both social networking sites. Facebook began as a site for university students while MySpace was open to all kinds of people and organizations. Today, Facebook surpasses MySpace in popularity with 500 million users.
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