What Is the Difference between Oblong and Oval?


The difference between the oval and oblong shape is that the oval is round around the edges. The oblong shape on the other hand is longer than as compared to its width. An oblong face is sued to describe people whose faces have a slightly longer chin.
3 Additional Answers
The difference between oval and oblong is that oval is a round one?whereas oblong is like a race track shape used for running.
The difference between oval and oblong is that Oblong face shape is one characterized simply by being more than 60% longer than it is wide while the oval face is roughly 60% longer from chin to hairline than from cheek to cheek.
The oblong and oval are types of shapes where an oblong is a rectangle whose length is greater than its width whereas an oval in technical drawing is a figure constructed from two pairs of arcs with two diverse radii. An oblong has corners while an oval has the shape of an egg.
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