What Is the Difference between Physical and Chemical Weathering?


The process in which minerals and rocks are broken down and changed is called weathering. The major difference between physical and chemical weathering is that physical weathering does not alter the end result completely. An example of chemical weathering is oxidation.
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Physical weathering-the disintegration of rock into smaller pieces without any chemical change in the rock; this is most likely in areas of bare rock where there is no vegetation
Chemical weathering is the process by which rocks
Chemical Weathering - The weathering of a rock surface by any chemical process. e.g Acid Rain weathers statues and rocks by reacting with them. Biological Weathering - The weathering
Chemical fertilizers are usually derived from petroleum or rocks. Organic fertilizer comes from manure, bloodmeal, fish, chicken feathers and compost. While chemical fertilizers are
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What Is the Difference Between Chemical & Physical Weathering?
Weathering is the process, in which rocks and minerals are gradually broken down into manageable pieces for erosion to occur. Weathering can occur because of mechanical processes, also called physical, like frost and exfoliation, or because of chemical... More »
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