What's the Difference between DVD Minus and Plus?


Both plus and minus DVDs are write once storage devices but the plus DVD provides faster writing speeds and has drag and drop capabilities. The minus is the typical computer DVD while the plus format is made to be more compatible with DVD players.
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DVD-R and +R disks can hold 4.7GB of data - about 120 minutes of playing time if you burn a video or videos. Either format works in most multifunction DVD players, which play or burn
DVD plus is supported by Dell and HP, both are number one and
For plus we add. For minus we subetract. EX:4+4=8. :4-4=0.
+R (w) are the cheaper format. You record not unlike you would on VHS tape ie from where you left it last. -RW will allow you to edit and then fill in those blank spaces after so
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The main difference between DVD plus and DVD minus is that they are produced by different companies. DVD minus is produced by DVD FORUM while DVD plus is produced by DVD+RW Alliance. These two companies are rivals.
A DVD-R is a write-once format which makes it forever frozen with the data once written to. DVD-RW can be erased or rewritten as many times as possible. DVD+RW which probably came before the DVD+R offers faster writing, better internal linking and support for drag-and-drop desktop files. DVD+R is also a write-once format intended to be more compatible with more DVD players.
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