Difference between Primary and Secondary Data?


Whereas primary data refers to data being collected or obtained from a first-hand experience, secondary data refers to data gathered in the past or obtained from other party. Primary data can be received first hand from things like interviews where a person collecting the data sits face to face with the respondent, while secondary data can be obtained from things like a journal and newspaper amongst others.
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Market research is generally either primary or secondary. Primary market research is when a company carries out research first hand. Primary market research is more reliable than
you've come to the right person! primary dataa is when you collect yourslef , and secondary data is information that someone else has collected , this could be via the internet or
Primary market where Shareholders buy their share directly from Organization when its launch IPO and secondary market where buy and sell of share takes place among the shareholders.
The difference between primary and secondary transport is whether the transporter directly or indirectly uses energy Primary active transport: ATP is used directly, and the energy
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What Are Some of the Differences Between Primary & Secondary Data?
Research can be carried out with 2 different types of data; primary and secondary data. What type of data is best is really determined by the research goal. Companies should use both types of information, as secondary data can be used to create a new... More »
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The difference between primary and secondary data is that Primary data is collected firsthand by a researcher through experiments, surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, interviews and taking measurements, while the secondary data is readily available and is available to the public through publications, journals and newspapers.
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The difference between primary and secondary appraisal is that primary appraisal is directed at establishing meaning of an event while secondary appraisal is directed ...
Air pollutants that are emitted directly from a source are considered primary pollutants, as they can be released from natural ways or human action. Secondary ...
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