What Is the Difference between Raw and Boiled Linseed Oil?


Raw and boiled linseed oils are wood oils used for application on wooden surfaces. Raw linseed oil is entirely natural oil extracted from the flax seed and is so safe you can drink it (for medicinal purposes). Boiled linseed oil is natural oil blended with driers to improve its drying time such that a thin coat can dry within a day.
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Boiled Linseed Oil has drying agents formulated into the product after "cooking" to hasten drying. Raw Linseed Oil takes 10-14 days to dry but has a thicker more durable
.Double boiled oil has been boiled twice?
The main difference between these two products is that Boiled Linseed Oil contains drying agents to speed the drying of the oil and decrease working time.
Raw Linseed Oil will never dry completely. When applied as a film, Raw Oil has molecular groups (sometimes called "tails") that remain tacky forever. Boiled Linseed Oil
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The difference between raw and boiled linseed oils is that the raw normally takes longer to dry, as the boiled has been dried by blowing hot air through the liquid.
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