What is the difference between sales and marketing?


The marketing department works to get the word out about the product or service, and the sales department works to convince individual consumers to purchase a product or service. Marketing and sales are closely related, and some companies even encourage their marketing and sales departments to work closely together. However, while marketing and sales work toward the same goal, they have separate roles.

Employees in the marketing department of a company get the word out to the public about the product. Marketers develop advertising strategies, sales promotions and other components that inform customers about the brand and show them why the product is needed. They also develop the branding of the product, including slogans and packaging.

After the marketing team has done its work, and the customer knows about the product, the sales team then does its work. The sales team works with the customers on a personal level to further communicate the need for the product and to drive the sale home. They often use sales promotions and strategies that were developed by the marketing team.

For greater effectiveness, marketing and sales teams should work together to form strategies because they both are working toward the same goal. Sales teams can inform marketing teams what individual customers are looking for, and marketing teams can share strategies on how to close a sale.

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