Difference between TFT Screen LCD Screen?


LCD refers to liquid crystal display, while TFT refers to the flat screen that uses cathode rays. The difference between LCD and TFT is in the way they transmit light; LCD is better and emits fine light and less heat as compared to the TFT, which emits more heat.
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TFT stands for "thin film transistor, a reference to components in an LCD screen. As the name suggests, TFT screens have very thin transistors attached to each fixed pixel in
A TFT monitor is actually a type of LCD. An LCD is a type of flat display device composed of thousands of pixels carefully arranged in a grid. A TFT LCD (the most common type found
TFT is a type of LCD display.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wi. ki/TFT_LCD. http://en.wikipedia.org/wi. ki/Liquid_ crystal_di. splay. http://en.wikipedia.org/wi. ki/Plasma_ display. I recently did a bunch of research
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What Is the Difference Between TFT & LCD?
TFT refers to the material technology behind most LCD screens. It's not different from LCD, merely one aspect of the technology as a whole.... More »
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The difference between TFT and LCD is that LCD is a display that uses transistors to create an image, while TFT is a method of creating an LCD. A display made with TFT produces a better image and are not prone to crosstalk compared to traditional LCD. All LCD displays produced today are now made with TFT.
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