What Is the Difference between Transparent and Translucent?


The difference between transparent and translucent is that transparent means to let light pass through while translucent lets some light go in but not all of it. The transparent materials can be able to be seen through but the translucent materials will distort the image. Some examples of translucent materials are smoked glass, sheer cloth and thin plastic.
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They are all words describing how well light travels through a substance or, in other words, how well you can see through it. Opaque means that you can't see through it. Eg a rock
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Metals and many minerals are opaque to light, while
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What Is the Difference Between Transparent & Translucent?
Optics is the study of light’s properties and how light interacts with matter. Light travels at a constant speed through a given medium, displaying properties of both a wave and a particle. Depending on the composition of a substance, light that... More »
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