What is the difference between urban and suburban?


The major difference between urban and suburban revolves around housing density, which is higher in urban areas. Houses and apartment buildings are closer to one another in the city.

There are many factors that determine what makes up a suburban, as opposed to urban, location. Urban areas consist more of multifamily apartment buildings, and the suburbs have more single-family homes that are more widely spread out. Amenities, such as grocery stores, post offices, and city government offices also are not centrally located in the suburbs.

Another difference between the suburbs and urban areas is that property taxes may be more expensive in the suburbs, unless the urban area is experiencing some form of renewal. A benefit of living in the city is that there often is much more available in the way of public transportation, and it is possible to have a lower carbon footprint. Many people do prefer the aspect of the suburbs being quieter than city living.

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