What is the difference between wholesale and retail?


Wholesale is the price that retailers pay for items from the suppliers. Retail is the price that consumers pay for items from retailers. Wholesale is cheaper as retailers buy items. A retail store sells individual items to the public. A wholesaler sells pallets of items to the retailer.
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Along with the retail and wholesale prices of gasoline, analysts and media outlets frequently talk about the price of crude oil. Some people think that the price of crude oil is the
wholesalers: sell something in big quantity and low price. Retailers: sell somthing in small quantity by higher price. broker: the person between seller (factory or whlesaler) and
Nicky Herbert's link to the Maosuit post was great - good definition. Omnichannel seems to put the customer at the center of an experience that spans many channels - possibly over
Commercial banking is primarily concerned with receiving deposits and lending to businesses, whereas Retail Banking provides the same products (such as deposits or loans) just to
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Retail refers to the selling of goods directly to the end consumer while wholesale refers to selling of goods in large quantities to retailers. In wholesale goods are sold in large quantities while retail involves the sale of commodities in smaller quantities.
The difference between wholesale and retail is that wholesale implies to bulk manufacturing and selling, whereas retail implies to far fewer numbers, especially where sales are concerned.
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