What Is the Difference between Worse and Worst?


Worse and worst are both adjectives. Worse would indicate a condition that is not as bad as worst. That would be the difference between the two words. This is a sentence that uses both to show the difference, 'Bob said that he felt worse than yesterday, but it is not the worst he has ever felt'.
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I'm pretty sure that 'worst' is past tense and 'worse' is in general. That was the worst game I've ever been to. Jimmy is worse than Timmy at soccer.
Worse is used when comparing two things and worst is used when
1. Use. worse. to compare two things. These can be physical objects, concepts, places, people, and so forth. Ex: "I think eggplant is. worse. than boiled cabbage, but that's
You can have nothing that is worse than the worst thing. For example: Weather in autumn may be *worse* than the weather in the summer.but the weather in winter is the *worst* Hope
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