What Is the Different between Marketing and Selling?


Marketing and selling are related but differ greatly. Marketing plays a major role in creating new channels/clients and maintaining the existing channels and this contributes to more sales. Selling involves making more sales so as to increase the company's revenues. Despite the difference, the two functions are dependent on each other and therefore a firm should form a system where the two functions are carried out together.
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Personal selling is flexible, precise and interactive. The salesperson can adjust the message to the needs of the particular customer she is addressing, make sure the precise message
Marketing aims to make people aware of and want a product. Selling is the transaction of exchanging the product for money.
1. Understand the value/values that you would like to offer. Can you get value given for value received? Do you really believe in this product/service? Do you personally use it? Ad.
The question is bit vague, but I assume you are referring to marketing automation solutions (otherwise products like edocr | edocr are targeted at marketers). If its marketing automation
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Marketing is the planning, pricing, promotion, packaging, advertising and selling of any product or service. Selling is therefore only a sliver of the overall marketing of any product or service and therein lies the difference.
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