What is the distance between adjacent wave compressions?


The distance between adjacent wave compressions is known as the wavelength. In physics, the Greek letter lambda (λ) is used to signify the wavelength. Wavelengths are generally measured in meters.
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This distance is called the wave. period.
A wavelength is the distance between two adjacent
Use the formula v = f*wavelength: wavelength = v/f = 0.75m. The distance between adjacent compressions and rarefactions is half the wavelength. Distance = wavelength/2 = 0.375m =
Find the angle from using trig - you have 1.1 m and 3.4 cm - you can get the angle from that : tan theta = 3.4 cm / 1.1 m. Then using d sin theta = n lambda - with n=1, d=0.040 mm
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