What is the distance between Earth and Jupiter?


The distance between Jupiter and the Earth ranges between 893 and 964 km. Both planets have elliptical orbits around the sun. They therefore have times when they are closest or farthest from the sun. The shortest distance between the two cities occurs when Jupiter is at its closest to the sun and Earth is at its farthest from the sun.
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Jupiter is about 443 million miles away from Mars
Size, distance from the Sun, contents of atmosphere, gravity.
others have answered this - i'm more curious where this question keeps coming from. it's hardly interesting or useful information. who cares about an irrelevant number?
The average distance, in miles, between the earth and moon is about 239 thousand miles. Between the earth and sun it is about 93 million miles-roughly the same as the average distance
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The Earth is the third planet from the sun while Jupiter is the fifth. The most distant point between the two planets is when Jupiter and Earth are on opposite sides of the Sun. The distance between Earth and Jupiter therefore ranges between 893 million and 964 million kilometres apart.
Jupiter is said to be 390,682,810 miles away from earth. This means that Earth and Jupiter are 628,743,036 million km apart. Jupiter is the closest planet to Earth.
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