What Is the Distance between Saturn and Jupiter?


The distance between the two planets vary from time to time yet as at may 17th 2011 the distance was 100 million miles when closest. This distance increases at the rate of 348,433 km/day. When farthest, this is roughly 1.7 billion miles.
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22800 km Jupiter is roughly 3.3 times the size of Saturn
We could get really complicated here in explaining the distance between two points to be a mathematical calculation, which it is. However measuring the space between point A and point
Saturn circles the Sun in an elliptical, or oval-shaped, orbit. This means that it comes closer to the Sun at some points than others. Saturn's average distance from the Sun is 890
Jupiter is 460 million miles from Sun at its closest. Neptune
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The distance between Saturn and Jupiter varies depending on what side of the sun they are at. So when Jupiter and Saturn happened to be lined up on the same side of the sun, the distance between them is minimized to 534 million km (332 million miles). When they both are at opposite sides of the sun, the distance is maximized to 2.326 billion km (1.445 billion miles).
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