What Is the Distance between the Sun and Jupiter?


The distance between Jupiter and the Sun is about 741 million km. At its furthest point, Jupiter is 817 million km away from the sun. It is the fastest rotating planet in the Solar System.
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The distance between Jupiter and the Sun is 778.3 million km or 483.7 miles. Jupiter's distance from the Sun ranges from a maximum of approximately 508 million miles to a minimum
Jupiter's orbit isn't quite circular; the perihelion - its closest point to the sun - is a little over 740 million kilometers (460 million miles). Its aphelion - the farthest point
Since the distance changes during it's orbit, the minimum distance is 460 Million Miles, the maximum distance is 508 Million Miles. Hope there is a rest stop
Mars has an elliptical orbit around the Sun, so sometimes it's closer to the Sun, and sometimes it's farther away. When at its farthest, it is approximately 249,209,300 km (154.8
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