What is the distance between Venus and Earth?


The distance between Venus and Earth varies from 24 million to 162 million miles. Because the two planets orbit the sun in ellipses and at different speeds, the distance between them varies widely.

Venus orbits the sun every 224.7 days whereas Earth completes an orbit every 365.2 days. On average, every 584 days, the two planets are in parallel places in their orbits; these are the times when the planets are closest together.

Venus' brightness in the night sky varies based on its distance from Earth. When furthest from Earth, Venus can't be seen from Earth, as it's occluded by the sun. When it's closest, Venus sometimes passes between the Earth and sun. These passes in between are called transits of Venus.

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Venus and Earth distances vary depending on where they are in their orbits from about 38 million kilometres at it's closest point to 261 million kilometres at it's most distant.
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