What Is the Distance from Earth to Saturn?


Earth is 1.2 billion km from Saturn. However, it's important to note that this distance varies. As the planets move along their orbital paths, they move nearer and further in comparison to each other.
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Saturn's average distance from the Sun (its semimajor axis, to be precise) is about 9.6 AU, so that would also be approximately its average distance from Earth.
The distance between Saturn and the Earth is about 762,700,000 miles. It
1. Look east at night. For the majority of 2011, Earth will be between Saturn and the sun, and as the sun sets in the west, Saturn will appear to rise in the east. Because of this
The large semiaxis of the orbital ellipse (which can be interpreted as an "average distance" is about 149.598 Gm. The real distance varies with a minimum of 147.1 Gm (around
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