What is the dress code for the ballet?


While there is no specific dress code for the ballet; it is expected that people dress up out of respect for the performers. In most instances, it is acceptable to dress in semi-formal attire.

Unless it is opening night at the ballet, attendees generally do not wear formal attire.

For men, semi-formal attire includes slacks, a collared shirt and an optional sport coat; wearing a tie is also optional. Women that wear dress pants or skirts and dresses with the hemline below the knee pass as looking semi-formal.

At some smaller ballet institutions, casual, trendy clothing is generally acceptable attire to wear to performances.

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Other Names. Ballet-length is also known as mid-calf or waltz-length. The variety of names may result from the range a ballet-length skirt may encompass. A ballet-length hem falls
a tutu? maybe.
Typically a classic ballet outfit would be a black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes. I'm small chested and do not wear a bra, most dancers don't unless they need the support
Having attended this year, people dressed typical SF-techie business casual. Mostly in jeans and a button down or t-shirt and suit jacket on top. Andrew Mason was in jeans and a
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What Is the Dress Code for the Ballet?
Ballet classes usually require a dress code that consists of pulling the hair back in a tight bun and wearing a black leotard, pink tights, sometimes a ballet skirt and pink ballet shoes. See the proper ballerina's uniform with helpful instruction from a... More »
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