What Is the Dying Behavior of Cats?


Usually, as a cat dies, it exhibits some personality changes, usually becoming irritable. Some cats may also go into hiding, change eating patterns and develop an unkempt appearance. In addition, the cat may have breathing problems and seizures.
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What Is the Dying Behavior of Cats?
Cats seem to have a sense about when they don't have much time left and most will exhibit end-of-life symptoms. These signs can be hard to spot until it's very close to the end, or they may be very noticeable. Either way, make sure your pet stays... More »
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What is the dying behavior of cats? There is no scientific answer for this question because all pets will act differently. Most pets will know when the end is near and will look for a cool quiet place to lay and will withdraw from people. You can find more information here: http://cats.lovetoknow.com/What_Is_the_Dying_Behavior_of_Cats
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