What is the Earth made up of?


Different parts of the Earth are made out of various things. The Earth's core is mostly composed of nickel and iron, the mantle is made up of rock containing different minerals. The crust is mostly made up of oxygen, silicon, iron, potassium and magnesium. The Earth's surface is covered with liquid water and the atmosphere is primarily made of nitrogen and oxygen, with little amounts of carbon dioxide and other gases.
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it is made up of various minerals
The Earth's surface, or its crust, includes both the continental crust that is mostly made from granite, and the oceanic crust that is mostly made from basalt. It is the outer layer
The crust is made up of solid material There is an Oceanic crust made of heavy
Earth, of course Catherine
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The Earth is made up of many different things. It is about 70% water, and its atmosphere is made of oxygen and nitrogen. It is also made of mantle and crust.
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