What Is the Ecliptic?


The ecliptic is the path the sun travels in the sky based on our perspective on Earth. We of course know it is the Earth moving and not the sun, but 'ecliptic' is the name for the path it looks like the sun is traveling in around the Earth. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecliptic
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Astrology the great circle of the ecliptic, along which are located the 12 houses and signs of the zodiac.
pertaining to an eclipse.
pertaining to the ecliptic.
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The ecliptic is the apparent path that the Sun traces out in the sky during year, appearing to move eastwards on an imaginary spherical surface.
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An ecliptic is the apparent path that the sun traces out in the skey during the year, appearing to move eastwards on an imaginary spherical surface. It is the intersection of the
having the shape of an elongated sphere.
1. Calculate the sun's mean anomaly (M) using the formula: M = 357.528 + 35999.050 (T0) + 0.04107H degrees. (T0) is the time in Julian centuries from 12.00 Universal Time on January
Ecliptic:1:the great circle representing the apparent annual path of the sun; the plane of the
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Ecliptically is a term that refers to a word that is pertained or related to the eclipse or ecliptic. It can also refer to the intersection of the earth's orbit ...
( ə′blik·wəd·ē əv thə i′klip·tik ) (astronomy) The acute angle between the plane of the ecliptic and ...
it is the imaginary plane of earth's orbit around the sun ...
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