What Is the Electrical Voltage in the UK?


The electrical voltage in the UK is officially 230 volts plus or minus 10%. Electricity in UK is generally supplied at 220 volts and a frequency of 50Hz. Any device rated between 200volts and 250 volts works well. A frequency of 50Hz is the standard frequency regardless of the voltage.
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Domestic voltage is 230 volts. For more information see the answer to the Related Questionshown below.
The United Kingdom (England) used 220 volt power outlets. There
It used to be between 240 and 220 volts but a number of years ago it was reduced to an average of 220 volts. This fits in much better with the European average of 220 volts. It also
A transformer.
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An electrical signal is a voltage or current which conveys information. The electrical voltage in the uk is 230V. It used to be 240 and the continental 220, but both were changed to 230. So there should be no problems with any devices.
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