What Is the Equation for Velocity?


The equation for velocity or speed is V= S/T where V is for velocity, S for speed and T for time. Velocity is a term used to refer to the rate of change of displacement with time.
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It is V with a little f=v with a little o + at.
Understanding that equation is very important. First here is the equation f=v/λ It says that frequency is equal to the velocity divided by wavelength. A good way to remember
Distance/Time = Velocity. (Distance divided by time equals velocity.) Anything else we can do for you?
If you choose a point in a medium through which a wave is propagating, the period of the wave is the time it takes that point to oscillate back to its original position. Dividing
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The way to figure velocity is by taking displacement and dividing it by time. Displacement is also known as the distance. Velocity is very important when dealing in physics.
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