What Is the Fastest Growing Grass Seed?


As a rule, grass grows fast, but how quickly it grows depends on the kind of grass plant and where and how it grows. There are different grasses for sunny and shady conditions. Two of the fastest growing grasses are Rye which grows best in cooler climates and Bermuda which grows best in warmer climates. It is better to mix fast and slower growing varieties as the faster growing grasses protect the slower growing variety and give them the chance to establish themselves.
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Two categories of grasses are used for home landscaping. These are cool-season grasses and warm-season grasses. If you live in an area where the winter temperatures drop to 0 degrees
Rye is good for winter growth. Fescue is better for summer growth. A mix is usually best. Also if your planting in shade you may want a specialty blend of shade tolerant grasses.
Plenty of water, sunshine and good soil makes grass grow. A combination of all those things, along with good fertilizer or compost products will make a really nice lawn. Look here
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What is the Fastest Growing Grass Seed?
Most homeowners are impatient---they want the fastest-growing lawn they can find. Several varieties provide fast cover but considerations like time of year, ground temperature and growing zone can affect the fastest growers.... More »
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