What Is the Fastest Helicopter?


The Westland Lynx ZB500 holds the record as the world’s fastest helicopter, which is a slightly modified version that was clocked at 249.1 mph. In July 2010, a Sikorsky X2 unofficially clocked at 258 mph, although it has not been confirmed.
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The current speed record for a helicopter was set in 1986. The aircraft in question was a Westland Lynx. The Lynx had been the mainstay of the British Army and Royal Navy, yet one
The Bell 407 offers one of the best speed, payload and ranges available
The Sikorsky X2. Source(s) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sikorsky_X2.
Typically, an unusual amount of vibrations in a helicopter is due to a malfunction in the aircraft. These malfunctions may include loose hardware, out of track or out-of-balance conditions
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The fastest helicopter is The Sikorsky X2 Helicopter. The X2 is still under testing and recently completed its first flight at 463 km/hr. It is powered by a Light Helicopter Turbine Engine Co (LHTEC) T800 engine and features fly-by-wire controls.
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