What is the fastest passenger train in the world?


The fastest passenger train is the Shanghai Maglev train. It can reach speeds of up to 350 km/h (220 mph) in two minutes. Its speed is attributed to the fact that it is powered by electricity on a high speed rail.
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I think the better answer to this question is what type of train is the planet's fastest, and the answer to that would be the magnetic levetation trains, or MagLev. World speed record
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The magnetic levitating train, or "maglev, can travel at up to 310 mph, and
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The world's first commercial high-speed maglev now connects Pudong with downtown Shanghai in seven minutes 20 seconds. Shanghai's new express can reach a top speed of 430kph in just under two minutes. Maglev is shorthand for magnetic levitation and is a train that floats on an electromagnetic cushion, which is propelled along a guide way at incredible speeds.
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