What is the force of gravity on Mars?


The gravity on Mars is much lower than on Earth; 62% lower than earth. This is because Mars is much smaller than the earth. If you weigh 100 kilograms on Earth, on Mars you would weigh 38 kilograms.
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Gravity isn't a force; it's the bending of space and time. Picture space and time like a big blanket. If you stretch the blanket out and hold it above the ground and then place a
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Approximately one third of the earths.
- The force that. exactly. balances the force of gravity, so that you can remain. vertically motionless and not accelerate up or down, is the upward force of the. ground or the floor
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The force of gravity is determined by the mass of an object and the mass of a planet. The surface gravitational force of Mars is 3. 5 N/kg.
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