What is the Forever 21 employee discount?


Forever 21 is a clothing store that has many locations throughout the United States. The store also carries jewelry and shoes. As of December 2011, discounts for Forever 21 include free shipping on orders that are $50 or more and 10% off $40 orders and 40% off $100 orders.
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The employee discount for Forever 21 is reported to be 10% off,
Where I work it's 20% off clothing (not including Shoes) and 10% off everything else.
Adobe employees can buy our software products for a deeply discounted price. For example, we are allowed to buy up to five copies per year of Photoshop, which retails for about $425
Employees of Lowes may purchase company products at a 10% discount. Purchases
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Forever 21 offers its employees a small discount so that they may purchase their clothes more easily. The discount offered is reported to be 10%.
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